To join the National Capital Area Chapter you must first be a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists

Meetings of the NCAC-APG are held on the third Saturday of January, April, July, and October at 2 p.m. by invited webinar and at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Be sure to check the schedule, as some are webinar only.

Schedule of Meetings for 2017
Because the National Archives will no longer be open on Saturday, we will be changing our schedule and location. Please stay tuned.
January 28 April 15 July 15 October 21
Attend On-line by webinar at 2 PM Attend in person
at the Archives or
On-line by webinar*
Attend in person
at the Archives or
On-line by webinar*
Attend On-line by webinar at 2 PM
Program Program Program Program

Access to webinars will be e-mailed to members of the DC Chapter before the meeting.

Visitors who are members of APG are welcome.

For further information about our meetings, please contact our Chapter Representative, Sandra Clunies at .

Dues for the local chapter are $10.00 per year, beginning on January 1.

Dues for the year are due on January 1.

To join our chapter or to renew your membership, please fill out the membership/renewal form
and mail with your dues payment to the treasurer.

Mail to the treasurer:

c/o Barry Kline
PO Box 503
Merrifield, VA 22116-0503

Note:You may either fill out the second page of the membership form with your information or you can update your existing record on-line. To update on-line, go to the Members tab and click on Members Only. If you are happy with your current listing on our website, you need not do either. If you update on-line or do not need to update, you need only return the first page of the form with your check.

Your information on the National APG website must be updated separately through the National website.